Here’s A Rundown Of Red Velvet’s Many Solo Activities Since Debut

They’ve accomplished a lot!

Red Velvet previously became a hot topic for the amount of work they’ve had since debut. Recently, they once again gained attention for their many solo activities—so much so that they’re considered a force to be reckoned with in the industry! It’s one thing for a single member to be popular and another altogether when all the members are popular.

Don’t believe it? Check out some of their individual activities below!

1. Irene

Irene was a Music Bank and Laundry Day MC. She was the first Asian muse for jewelry line DAMIANI, and she is also a Clinique ambassador. Furthermore, she has filmed many CFs for brands such as Chamisul, Ivy Club, Colombiana Coffee, ABC Mart Nuovo, Ring: Age of Ring, Hyundai, HAZZY’s Accessories, Lemona, Eider, Dongwon Yangban-juk, DAMIANI, and Clinique.

2. Seulgi

Seulgi is a Converse Korea ambassador. She has made an appearance in the variety program Idol Drama Operation Team, and she has collaborated with Moonbyul and Zion.T. She was included in the SM Entertainment Station X project girl group alongside SinB, Chungha, and Soyeon.

3. Wendy

Wendy has collaborated with American singer-songwriter John Legend. She made an appearance in the tvN talk show Problematic Men, and she sang the OST “Good Bye” for the drama The Beauty Inside. Her most recent activities include an OST for The King called “My Day is Full of You” and an endorsement for Dongwon YangBan Rice Porridge.

4. Joy

Joy was an MC for Sugar Man 2 and she appeared in We Got Married, Pajama Friends, and Get It Beauty. Aside from this, she has starred in the dramas The Liar and His Lover and Tempted. She has also filmed CFs for Fitz, Espoir, and Aveda.

5. Yeri

Finally, Yeri was one of the first members to release self-produced songs through SM Station. She’s also known for being a Music Core MC and Colette muse. Besides this, she even started her own reality show on YouTube called Yeri’s Room.

Red Velvet is one busy group!

Source: Nate

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