10 Spooky Pranks That Scared Idols Sh*tless

Their souls left their bodies.

These reactions to supernatural-themed pranks will make you feel 200% better about being a scaredy cat this Halloween!


1. BTS vs Zombies

On BTS‘s variety show Run BTS!, the staff bussed off the unsuspecting members to a nighttime safari.

Little did they know that “safari” was code for “zombie scare house”.

Throughout the episode, BTS’s scaredy cat line, JiminSugaJin, and J-Hope, experienced multiple near heart attacks.

They were so on edge that even their own camera operator scared the life out of them!


2. Girls’ Generation vs Ghost

Girls’ Generation completely lost it on Wonderful Outing when this ghost rose from underneath their table.

They couldn’t stop screaming!


3. SEVENTEEN vs this severed arm

During this episode of Show Champion Behind, SEVENTEEN were already feeling spooked in this cramped, dark space.

When this rubber arm suddenly fell from the sky, the members had a hilarious, delayed reaction to it.


4. GFRIEND vs Wig

GFRIEND also became victims of Show Champion Behind, when this black wig crept down the wall like a tarantula!


5. Ren (NU’EST) vs Mirror Spirit

On Produce 101Ren sat down at a vanity, not knowing that he was in for a devilish surprise.

The “ghost” terrified Ren, but what really got him was this spectral, ankle-grabbing hand!

He just couldn’t handle any of it!


6. Ong Seongwoo (WANNA ONE) vs Mirror Spirit

Like Ren, Ong Seongwoo was one of the Produce 101 cast members who fell victim to this mirror spirit.

His reaction was so extreme that he ended up resembling this famous Edvard Munch painting!

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7. TWICE vs Ghost

Momo once played this hair-raising ghost prank on her members, after getting scared herself.

TWICE ended up getting pranked twice in a row! First, with this jump-scare video…

…then with a real-life haunting!


8. Wheein (MAMAMOO) vs Joseon Ghost

When this Joseon-era spirit snuck up on Wheein, she did what any sensible human would do; she curled up in the fetal position and hoped it would disappear.

Once Wheein came to her senses though, she fearlessly fought back!


9. Ten (NCT)  vs Ghost

When scared out of his wits, Ten’s voice has the ability to go up so many octaves that it achieves “little girl” status. Now that’s vocal talent!


10.  GOT7 vs Ghost

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Not GOT7. Well, at least not some of the members. When this ghoul attacked, JB



…and BamBam all saw their lives flash before their eyes.

Mark, on the other hand, just laughed the ghost off.

Jinyoung and Yugyeom were barely phased!