Search “Baby” Along With Any Food And You Will Find A K-Pop Idol

Promoting your idol has just gotten stranger.

A recent Korean drinking game has been sweeping the internet because of its astonishing results. If you search “아기” (Agi, Korean for baby) along with any food in Korean, you will most likely see a K-Pop idol. See an idol in your search? Drink (if you’re of age).

Netizens are calling this game dangerous as they are all surprised at just how many foods yield an idol’s picture. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest finds.

1. Baby Coconut

2. Baby Stir-fried Crab Curry

3. Baby Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon)

4. Baby Hamburger

5. Baby Ox Bone Soup

6. Baby Roll Cake

7. Baby Marinated Beef (Bulgogi)

8. Baby Quesadilla

9. Baby Beef Tartare

10. Baby Blood Sausage

11. Baby Fish-Shaped Pastry (Bungeoppang)

12. Baby Sea Worm (Gaebul)

13. Baby Barley Tea

14. Baby Fermented Skate (Fish)

15. Baby Grilled Intestines

What do you think of this strange game? Why are people tagging idols with food?