ARMY Is Ready To Risk It All For “Retro BTS”, But Honestly, Who Isn’t?

Fans are head over heels for BTS’s new retro looks.

Today, Big Hit Entertainment released a preview for BTS‘s 2021 Season’s Greetings DVD and leaked behind the scenes photos. Now, fans are ready to risk it all for this retro-chic aesthetic, and it’s easy to see why!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

1. Worldwide Handsome: winning hearts since 1992.

2. Attention class, it’s time to talk

3. The only question worth asking in 2020

4. Rule #1 of being an RM stan: Remember to breathe!

5. It’s time for a road trip

6. Fashion King V

7. This should be illegal…but thankfully it’s not.

8. Your daily slap of reality

9. Facts, facts, and more facts!

10. He is the concept

11. An incorrect quote…or is it?

12. Vogue, come collect your cover boy!

13. Agreed

14. Damage control

15. Why choose one bias when you can choose seven?


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