8 Times Seo Ye Ji And Kim Soo Hyun Made Us Feel Like Third Wheels

The show is over, but their chemistry is forever.

Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun had swoonworthy chemistry as Ko Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae on It’s Okay Not to be Okay. Sometimes it even seemed like we should give their on-screen romance some privacy, (but of course we didn’t). Here are 8 times they made us all feel like third wheels!

1. The “count to three” kiss

Throughout the show, Moon Gang Tae taught the impulsive Ko Moon Young how to stay in control of her emotions by counting to three. This time, Moon Gang Tae let go of his own restraint…

…to give her this passionate kiss. Whoa.

2. That time Kim Soo Hyun immediately regretted his suggestion

This duo didn’t just make viewers feel like third wheels during the show. It also happened behind the scenes. While shooting the family portrait scene, Kim Soo Hyun suggested that he and Seo Ye Ji take photos while looking at each other.

Gazing into each other’s eyes made him giggle from shyness, but who wouldn’t feel shy in his shoes? (Or hers.)

3. When Ko Moon Young let the whole hospital know what she wanted

Everybody at Moon Gang Tae’s workplace was third wheeling in this hilariously awkward scene. After dreaming about Moon Gang Tae holding her like this…

…Ko Moon Young gave him too much information about it.

Not to be ignored, Ko Moon Young embarrassed the heck out of Moon Gang Tae…

…but we were all rooting for her, right?

4. This fairytale moment

As children, these star-crossed lovers were ripped apart like Romeo and Juliet. Years later, Ko Moon Young finally accepted the flowers (and heart) that Moon Gang Tae tried to give her years ago.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling single AF!

5. Every time they made each other laugh on set

The only thing better than a great K-Dramas is its bloopers. This on-screen couple’s chemistry carried on off-screen…

…and these lovey-dovey scenes aren’t as easy as they look!

6. The “stop ignoring me, I love you!” scenes

Unlike Moon Gang Tae, Ko Moon Young wasn’t shy about expressing her feelings. By “expressing”, I mean “screaming” and by “her feelings” I mean “her undying love whether he wants it or not”.

Later on, Moon Gang Tae took a page out of her book and did the same thing. They’re a perfect match!

7. The plan that backfired

The first time Moon Gang Tae tried to teach Ko Moon Young the butterfly hug technique, it didn’t go the way he planned.

Um, should we leave this therapy session, or…?

8. Shut-up, you stupid deer!

This romantic moment was interrupted by a screeching deer, who was clearly jealous. (Same, deer, same…)

Moon Gang Tae spoke for all of us when he shouted, “shut-up, you stupid deer!”

Luckily, Bambi didn’t ruin the romance (much).