SEVENTEEN’s 17 Seconds Of Self-PR Have Us Sold, We’ll Take All 13 Of Them

Sold! To the Carat reading this!

In the latest episode of Idol Room, each SEVENTEEN member got 17 seconds in front of the camera to promote themselves Produce 101 style – as if they were auditioning to become K-Pop stars all over again – and they had to prove that they have the charm it takes to become the “nation’s pick”. Well expectedly, all of SEVENTEEN members rocked at marketing themselves and now Carats definitely want all 13 members in their lives forever! Check out the range of personalities you’ll be receiving in your pack of SVT.


1. Cynical Jeonghan

I’m Jeonghan. I don’t really want to do this. But if you still want me, then give me an A. Peace out!

— Jeonghan


2. Sloth Wonwoo

Hello… I’m Wonwoo… I’m kind of slow… I hope you like me…

— Wonwoo


3. Not-So-Bad Mingyu

My dance moves aren’t so bad. My rap isn’t so bad. My visual isn’t so bad. It wouldn’t be so bad if you loved me.

— Mingyu


4. Peacekeeper Vernon

Hi I’m Vernon and I come in peace!

— Vernon


5. Hamster Hoshi

I’m going to show you what I’m all about with my tiger eyes…!

— Hoshi


6. DK With The Flow


— DK


7. Fashionista The8


— The8


8. 1+1 Jun

I can speak Korean and I can speak Chinese! That’s a 1+1 deal for you!

— Jun


9. Goblin Dino

If you don’t pick me, it’s all going dooooowwwn.

— Dino


10. Silly Seungkwan

(Imitates rocker, gets no reactions) Wow…

— Seungkwan


11. Gentle Joshua

Hi I’m Joshua and I’m nice, considerate, and gentle. I hope you guys like me. I love you all.

— Joshua


12. Genius Woozi

(Looks into the camera) I know how to write songs…

— Woozi


13. Leader S.Coups

I already manage 12 other members. I’m the man for the job!

— S.Coups