A Look Back At How SEVENTEEN Went From Adorable Rookies To Handsome And Mature Idols Today

SEVENTEEN’s members are the definition of “glow up”!

SEVENTEEN debuted six and a half years ago on May 26, 2015, with the adorable and appropriately named “Adore U”. At the time, the members ranged in age from 16 to 19, and their concepts definitely went hard with youthful and cute aesthetics!

Over the last six years, the group has grown so much, and their most recent release on October 22, “Rock With You”, was such a mature and almost elegant concept, which is a huge contrast to the themes they went with when they were rookies (not that there was anything wrong with that, either!). SEVENTEEN has been experimenting with darker and more grown-up concepts and styles over the last couple of years, and it’s so fun to see how versatile they are at pulling off pretty much anything!

Here’s a look at how each of the members look now compared to when they debuted, to see just how much they’ve all grown up!

1. S.Coups

Though S.Coups was the oldest when the group debuted, he still had a lot of youthful energy at 19 years old…

And he still has a lot of great energy, but now he’s grown into a phenomenal leader that has earned respect from so many people!

2. Jeonghan

Jeonghan caught a lot of people’s eyes when he debuted with his iconic long hair and beautiful androgynous visuals…

And though he has cut his hair since then, his visuals are still on another level, along with his growth in confidence!

3. Joshua

Joshua was a small and skinny little cutie when the group debuted, and so many Carats adored his bubbly personality…

And fortunately his personality hasn’t changed much, but he’s gotten incredibly muscular and mature over the last six years!

4. Jun

When SEVENTEEN’s career began, the two Chinese members of the group didn’t get a lot of lines, though Jun was definitely cute enough to stand out regardless…

Now, he tends to get more lines overall, and his visuals have only gotten even better with time!


5. Hoshi

SEVENTEEN’s dance king Hoshi has always been a phenomenal performer, but while he fully embraced the cute and goofy on-stage persona at their debut…

He has now developed into an incredibly respected and inspiring choreographer and performer in the K-Pop industry!

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo has always had a certain charm about him, with his warm personality contrasting his cold (but handsome) visuals…

And while those aspects about him haven’t changed a lot, he has certainly matured a lot, and his hard work over the last couple of years to build his body has been very successful!

7. Woozi

Carats will probably never forget how adorable Woozi looked with his smaller stature paired with his iconic pink hair…

But these days, he has such a fierce and dominating presence whenever he performs, it’s easy to forget his height and to just appreciate what an amazing performer and producer he is!

8. DK

DK’s personality has, thankfully, remained pretty much the same as a bright, cheerful, and optimistic individual with the biggest smile…

And while his confidence as a performer has improved since then, he still maintains a youthful energy about him that helps to manage the mood of the rest of the group!

9. Mingyu

When Mingyu debuted, he was already a talented rapper with some eye-catching visuals…

But these days, everything about him has grown, from his physical body to his rapping abilities and his confidence, which has Carats constantly swooning!

10. The8

The8 was an adorable little bean when SEVENTEEN first debuted, especially when the stylists gave him adorable permed curls…

To now being a fashion icon known for his elegant and ethereal dancing abilities!


11. Seungkwan

Seungkwan has been a phenomenal vocalist since the group debuted, with a giant and hilarious personality to match…

And while his visuals have matured over the years, his personality and talents are still, thankfully, pretty much the same (or better, in terms of talent)!

12. Vernon

Vernon gained a lot of attention at first for his unique appearance among the other members of SEVENTEEN, already so handsome at such a young age…

And it’s impossible to deny that he’s gotten even more handsome over the years, along with his rapping and performance abilities growing along with him!

13. Dino

Dino arguably has one of the most extreme glow-ups in the group, as he went from a little, adorable 16-year-old maknae

To a stunningly handsome, giant, extremely talented 22-year-old idol!