SEVENTEEN’s Top 3 Best Choreographies, Ranked By Hoshi

Here are the three dances he thought were the best.

SEVENTEEN is known for their complex yet synchronized choreography, especially for a group with thirteen members. As the group’s Performance Team leader and the mastermind behind many of the group’s dances, Hoshi revealed which three of their choreographies were the best during a Japanese interview.

Hoshi | @pledis_17/Twitter

3. “Ready to love”

The first choreography Hoshi named was the title track of their 2021 mini-album Your Choice. He chose the romantic song “Ready to love”.

Like the song’s heartwarming lyrics and soft vocals, the choreography matched that same energy with smooth and graceful moves.

2. “CLAP”

Going all the way back to 2017, Hoshi chose their energetic and confident title track “CLAP” from their full-length album TEEN,AGE.

Tapping into the fantastic performers that fans and idols love, the group bust out their flashy footwork and snappy moves that brought the song to life even more.

1. “Don’t Wanna Cry”

Taking the top spot for the group’s best choreography of all time, Hoshi couldn’t choose none other than the hit title track “Don’t Wanna Cry” from their mini-album Al1. The choreography impressed everyone for a reason.

Not only did SEVENTEEN show off their synchronization and complex footwork, but they also did so with fast-paced moves that would’ve been difficult for any other group to master.

Source: Twitter