These Are The 10 Overall Best SEVENTEEN Songs And B-Sides, According To Fans

There are so many great songs to choose from!

SEVENTEEN first debuted on May 26, 2015, meaning that they’re about five and a half years old now! Since their debut, they’ve released three full-length studio albums, ten mini-albums, two reissued albums, and one compilation album.


With so many songs in their discography, it would seem incredibly difficult for fans of the group to be able to choose a single favorite. Recently, however, Reddit created a poll for CARATs to vote for what they believe to be the best SEVENTEEN song of all time, as well as their best B-side track.


After hundreds of votes, the results came in. Here are the fan-voted 10 best SEVENTEEN songs and B-side tracks!

Best Overall:

10. “Good To Me” and “Change Up”

127 points

9. “Clap”

138 points

8. “Habit”

140 points

7. “Adore U”

141 points

6. “Mansae”

142 points

5. “Kidult”

180 points

4. “Pretty U”

209 points

3. “Don’t Wanna Cry”

215 points

2. “Very Nice

232 points

1. “Thanks”

244 points

Best B-Sides:

10. “Thinkin’ About You”

56 points

9. “Lie Again”

63 points

8. “Hug”

82 points

7. “Sill Lonely”

93 points

6. “Run to You”

105 points

5. “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day”

114 points

4. “Together”

120 points

3. “Good To Me”

127 points

2. “Habit”

140 points

1. “Kidult”

180 points

Source: Reddit