10 Of The Weirdest Things SEVENTEEN Fans Ever Put Inside Their “Caratbong” Lightsticks

Some creative fans have taken Caratbong customization to the extreme…

There’s no doubt that SEVENTEEN‘s lightsticks are some of the prettiest in K-Pop, and one of their best features is that they can be opened up and filled with decorations. But some creative Carats have taken things one step further by filling their Caratbongs with the weirdest things they can find.

1. Hot Cheetos

The SEVENTEEN members are hot, but this Cheetobong is hotter.

| @svtspristin/Twitter
| @svtspristin/Twitter

2. Money

This brings a whole new meaning to “SEVENTEEN, take my money!”

| @JeongHoonedSVT/Twitter
| @JeongHoonedSVT/Twitter

3. Egg

Do you think the heat from the lightstick could boil this egg?

| @e88teen/Twitter
| @e88teen/Twitter

4. Nutella

Vernon once revealed his favorite food is chocolate, so he’d definitely love this Nutellabong.

| @hwallsdeobi/Twitter

5. Batteries

You’ll never run out of lightstick batteries during a concert again.

6. Cereal

All that’s missing is the milk!

| @hootyhoon/Twitter
| @hootyhoon/Twitter

7. Bread

Here’s one for bread-lover S.Coups.

| @yeumi/Twitter

8. Pasta

Make sure to recruit a fellow Carat who can bring the marinara sauce.

9. Poop

The crazy part is that it still looks pretty.

10. Carrots

Was it worth it for the Carrotbong pun? Absolutely.