These 10 Reactions To SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Line In “CHEERS” Are Proof That Everyone Is Obsessed

“My Butt Pang Pang”

SEVENTEEN‘s leader line recently released “CHEERS,” a song dedicated to their journey from the bottom to the top and clapping back at haters, all while enjoying themselves to the fullest. While most of the lyrics and symbolism are sentimental, Hoshi’s “My Butt Pang Pang” line has gone viral for being sassy, fun, and iconic in the most Hoshi way possible.



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His line trended in South Korea with four different tags as soon as the music video came out, building the foundations for Hoshi’s next viral moment.

24 hours later and Hoshi’s butt is still trending, to the amusement of everyone and Hoshi himself.

These 10 reactions and edits are proof that no matter where you are on K-Pop Twitter, you’ve probably seen the dance break in “CHEERS.”

1. How to slay with four words: a guide by Hoshi.

2. You’ll be vibing even in your dreams.

3. There’s nothing hotter than having fun.

4. Leader line are feeling themselves.

5. Mingyu‘s green hair is coming through for yet another iconic SEVENTEEN moment.

6. Welcome to the Hoshi-verse.

7. July 6th marks the rise of Hoshi’s “Pang Pang” era.

8. No matter where you are or what time of day, this part is on repeat.

9. Has Woozi been spoiling the choreography since long before?

10. As if this part wasn’t cute enough already.