10 Parts of SEVENTEEN’s Choreographies That Had Us Watching On Repeat

Dance is an art, and SEVENTEEN paints masterpieces.

SEVENTEEN is known for their incredible choreography. From their synchronization to their formations, having thirteen members means that creatively, you can do a lot more, although it also ups the difficulty. However SEVENTEEN never fails to deliver, and here are some of the moments they had us watching on loop.

1. “Fallin’ Flower

We can’t talk about SEVENTEEN’s formations without mentioning the prettiest choreography of all.

| SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube/YouTube

2. “Ready To Love”

Rewinding while the lyrics are saying “run away” is genius.

| SEVENTEEN/YouTube         

3. “HIT”

These staggered sections require the cleanest transitions.


4. “Getting Closer”

With thirteen members, ripple effects have so much impact.


5. “24H”

The incorporation of the clock into the floorwork is impeccable.

| SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube/YouTube

6. “Oh My!”

Wonwoo controlling the other members is a staple of SEVENTEEN’s dances.


7. “Don’t Wanna Cry”

From the music to the dancing, everything about it is picturesque.


8. “Fear”

The staccato-like popping followed by the rapid changes in levels (from floorwork to reaching for the sky) will have you watching on repeat.

| M2/YouTube


The two mirroring flower formations are beautiful, and even the outfits are opposite.


10. “Left & Right”

The cutest wind-down to end a song.