Every SEVENTEEN Member Chose Which 2 Members They’d Go To A Deserted Island With

There were a few members that a lot of them wanted by their side.

Among the lineup of artists for SBS‘s 2020 SUPER ON:TACT, SEVENTEEN was one of the headlining groups. Besides entertaining everyone with their energetic performances, the group amused fans when each of them chose two members they’d want by their sides on a deserted island.

1. Seungkwan — Mingyu, Jun

While Seungkwan is the type of person who could keep himself occupied, having Mingyu and Jun by his side would make it more entertaining.

2. Jun — The8, Mingyu

Rather than picking any of the 96-line to keep him company, Jun wouldn’t mind being stranded with The8 and Mingyu of the 97-line.

3. Dino — S.Coups, Joshua

Although all of his hyungs take care of him, maknae Dino would take leader S.Coups and the caring Joshua.

4. Wonwoo — Vernon, Dino

Between the super chill Vernon and the adorable Dino, Wonwoo would feel right at home with only them.

5. Woozi — Vernon, Mingyu

If Woozi had Vernon and Mingyu by his side, spending days on a deserted island would be a breeze.

6. Vernon — Woozi, Mingyu

Vernon seemed to have the exact same idea at Woozi, choosing him and Mingyu as the ones he’d spend their days with.

7. Mingyu And Joshua — S.Coups, Jeonghan

When Joshua and Mingyu had to pick two members, they both gave the same exact answer: S.Coups and Jeonghan.

8. The8 — S.Coups, Jun

Keeping the China-line together, The8 couldn’t go without having Jun by his side, along with their leader S.Coups.

9. Jeonghan — The8, Hoshi

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Mixing it up just a little, Jeonghan wouldn’t mind relaxing in isolation with The8 and Hoshi.

10. Hoshi — DK, Jeonghan


Most likely thinking of all the shenanigans they’ll get into, like above, the combination of Hoshi with Jeonghan and DK would be full of fun times.

11. DK — S.Coups, Hoshi

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If DK were stuck on a deserted island, there would be no one better than Hoshi and S.Coups to keep them all amused.

12. S.Coups — DK, Joshua

As the leader who’s always looking out for everyone else, S.Coups chose Joshua and DK, who could lift some of that weight off his shoulders with their easy-going personalities.

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Based on all the members, Mingyu and S.Coups seemed to be who everyone needs with them on a deserted island. On top of being resourceful, they could keep anyone entertained with their humor. Which two members would you choose?

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