These Are The 8 Things That Make SEVENTEEN’s Choreography So Difficult

They make it look easy.

SEVENTEEN is known for their impressive choreography and synchronization. According to professional dancers, here’s what makes what they do so difficult.

1. The amount of members

With 13 members, it can be hard to synchronize movement, but not for SEVENTEEN. The best part? They have no weak links.

2. The number of steps

SEVENTEEN regularly exhibit several steps packed into a short amount of time. They show off their footwork, while remaining precise.

3. The matching of angles

Known for their accuracy, SEVENTEEN has no trouble matching the angles of their bodies, legs, and arms.

4. The small details

The small details are just as important as the bigger dances. Such simple movement can be even harder to get right, as it is much more noticeable if a mistake is made.

5. The power

Maintaining power throughout a high energy dance is usually difficult, but SEVENTEEN somehow manage it every time.

6. The control

Much of the group’s choreography deals with controlled movement. It’s not easy, but SEVENTEEN gets it.

7. The quiet sections

With dances that feature a lot of powerful movement, the quieter sections of dance are a nice break. These parts require just as much effort, however.

8. The floor work

Floor work is hard on the knees, but SEVENTEEN makes it look easy.

Source: YouTube