SEVENTEEN Might Tease Their Maknae Whenever They Can, But These 15 Moments Are Proof That Dino Is Their Beloved Baby

SEVENTEEN will do anything to put a smile on Dino’s face.

SEVENTEEN share a chaotic relationship that often flips between teasing and loving, but the boys are always full of laughter and smiles no matter the situation. As the youngest of the group, Dino is often the target of SEVENTEEN’s playful attacks. Though the rest of the members never pass an opportunity to make fun of him, they also make sure to shower him with an equal, if not greater, amount of doting.


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1. The Most Precious Hug

The amount of joy on Dino’s face as he runs to hug S.Coups outshines the sun.


2. What Dino Wants, Dino Gets

SEVENTEEN will do anything to put a smile on Dino’s face.


Just Dino being the tiny maknae that he is 😭 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #LeeChan #seventeen17_official #kpop #kpopfyp


3. Most Supportive Cheerleaders Ever

This is how you hype up your friends.

4. Making Sure He Doesn’t Get Left Out

There’s always room for the maknae to tag along.


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5. Always In Sync

Synchronization kings even when they’re taking care of Dino.

6. Take My Hand

The way Joshua reaches back to take Dino’s hand is so endearing.


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7. We’ll Travel The World Together

Now they’ve had two world tours, and a third one is on the way!

8. When The Teasing Ends With Hugs

Mingyu can’t make himself keep teasing Dino when he’s this cute.


more of mingyu and dino’s cuteness and I’m not complaining. cuz dino looks so small beside gyu 😭#seventeen #xyzbca #fyp #mingyu #dino


9. I’ll Protect You

Don’t worry, Dino. You’re always safe with your hyungs.

10. Feeding A Baby Bird

One of the greatest signs of affection is feeding your loved ones.


Reply to @saythenut even his hyungs always teased Dino, once Dino is the youngest, he’ll be taken care of his 12 hyung ❤️ #svt #dino #maknae #kymchn

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11. It’s Okay To Be Pampered

Even if they have a Tom-and Jerry relationship, their love for each other runs deep.

12. Gushing Over Dino’s Cuteness

This is another kind of teasing, but it’s the kind that melts your heart.


THEYRE SOOO CUTE [ #dino #jeonghan #hoshi #seventeen ]

♬ DARARI – ︎ ondu

13. At The End Of The Day…

Dino is SEVENTEEN’s favorite.

14. It’s The Little Things

It’s the tiny actions that show how much SEVENTEEN care for Dino.


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15. Run To Your Arms

There’s no better way to end this list than with another adorable hug.