10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Dino Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

This maknae has grown up so much!

Finishing up our ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series is none other than the multi-talented maknae of the group, Dino! Over the last 6 years since the group debuted, we’ve seen this idol grow from a cute teenager to a handsome adult, not to mention his performance skills are on another level. Here are 10 reasons why he, too, is total boyfriend material!

1. He’s such a kind and considerate young man, you know he’d take care of you.

2. Whether going out or having a cozy night in, you’d always have a good time with him.

3. He looks so handsome and intelligent in glasses 🥺

4. Do these photos really need any explanation? 👀

5. He would be down to try all kinds of new things with you!

6. Just think of all the fun adventures you would go on!

7. Though he has youthful energy as the youngest member, he can also look so mature!

8. His big, broad smile is e v e r y t h i n g.

9. Just imagining being together with someone this insanely talented is swoon-worthy!

10. You would be blessed with tons of these kinds of selfies!