11 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN’s DK Would Make The Best Valentine’s Day Date

He’s got boyfriend material written all over him

All of the members of SEVENTEEN have wooed us with their perfect boyfriend charms, but it’s time to give the group’s vocalist DK some extra attention this Valentine’s Day!

Here are 11 reasons why DK would make the perfect date for Valentine’s Day.   If you match his ideal type –  with long dark hair, aegyo, and long slender legs – you two would make the perfect match!

1. You know he would bring you a beautiful bouquet on the special day

2. He would probably bring you coffee, too!

3. Maybe he’d even read your favorite book in his smooth, soothing voice

4. He’d be your knight in shining armor any day

5. He would sing his love for you for everyone to hear!

6. He would compliment you as much as he compliments his group members – “Our Seungkwan is so pretty, right?”

7. He would laugh at all of your jokes

8. He would bring you a puppy to play with!

9. …Maybe two puppies…

10. Or maybe even three!

11. He would want to video chat later about what a good time he had with you!

DK is such a funny, handsome, and multi-talented guy, who wouldn’t want to snag a date with him?