15 Times SEVENTEEN’s DK Proved He Really Deserves His Main Vocalist Title

He deserves so much recognition for his angelic voice!

DK is part of the vocal unit of SEVENTEEN, as well as one of their main vocalists (along with Seungkwan!). Since the very beginning of his career with the group, he has always proven that his vocal skills are on another level, and his range and abilities have seemed to just improve more and more as time goes on!

No one should have any doubt that his title as main vocalist is incredibly well-deserved, but here are just 15 of the countless times he has proved that he absolutely owns that role in SEVENTEEN.

1. He makes it sound so effortless though??

2. He belted this out like it was nothing!

3. Is there anything more beautiful than this?

4. Even live and dancing, his voice is ridiculously stable.

5. There doesn’t seem to be any genre of music his voice isn’t perfect for!

6. How could anyone??

7. Can you name a more beautiful vocal pairing than DK and Seungkwan?

8. Further evidence of the strength behind the power vocal duo.

9. Not only can he flawlessly hit high notes, but his voice is just incredibly rich overall.

10. He’s been phenomenal since day one!!

11. No backing vocals needed!

12. Okay, we’re supposed to be talking about his vocals, but… His incredible dance skills deserve a shout out too!

13. Couldn’t you just listen to his voice forever?

14. DK solo album when??

15. Is it ever not time to talk about them??