10 Times SEVENTEEN’s DK Was Total Boyfriend Material

Honestly, he’s boyfriend material ALL of the time.

Let’s be honest: Every member of SEVENTEEN is boyfriend material, from maknae Dino to leader S.Coups and everyone in between! A list about why all of the members fit this description would be a little overwhelming, though, so today we’ll be focusing on the bright, handsome, lovable DK! From his incredible voice to his heart-melting smile, there are countless reasons why anyone would be lucky to be with this idol. Here are just 10 of those reasons!

1. Anyone that looks this good in a simple white button-up just automatically deserves a boyfriend material label.

2. This video makes it so easy to imagine being on a date with this sweetheart!

3. He’s just so effortlessly cool and artistic and fashionable!

4. He loves animals, and who wouldn’t fall for a guy that looks this cute with a dog?

5. It’s easy to imagine getting cute selfies like this from him every night!

6. Just look at this adorable soft happy guy 🥺

7. You know he would happily play the guitar and sing for you!

8. Imagine him gifting you with this enormous teddy bear!

9. Just. This look. This look right here.

10. Honestly, just looking through his personal Instagram account is more than enough proof for this title.