18 Reasons To Love SEVENTEEN’s 2/18 Bros DK & Vernon

It’s not just another day for CARATs!

February 18 is a special day for fans of SEVENTEEN. It’s the birthday of not one, but two members of the group, DK and Vernon! DK was born in 1997, while Vernon was born in 1998, but sharing the same date for their birthday gives them something in common to celebrate.

With today being their birthday, it’s a great opportunity to look at some of the reasons why their fans love these two hilarious, talented, and handsome idols!

1. They will help you learn the alphabet.

2. They have absolutely adorable baby pictures!

3. They’re also ridiculously adorable to this day.

4. They get up to the goofiest antics together.

5. Their love and care for each other is so wonderful to see.

6. They’re both incredibly, undeniably handsome!

7. They both have amazing musical skills in vocals and rapping.

8. They love to share their birthday with fans over livestream every year!

9. They both have so many adorable iconic moments.

10. They share the same entertaining and chaotic energy!

11. They both radiate warmth and sunshine.

12. Their smiles are enough to light up the world!

13. They are ASMR kings.

14. They just want to make your day better.

15. They both look incredible in suits.

16. They also look stunning with a floral aesthetic.

17. They’ll always be there for each other.

18. The world was truly blessed to have these two born!