10+ Of SEVENTEEN’s Funniest Cursed Photos That Fans Still Can’t Forget

Fans gathered the funniest ones they’re still laughing at.

To remember some of SEVENTEEN‘s funniest moments, Twitter user @coupsfanz asked fellow fans to share precious cursed photos. Here are over ten of the most popular moments that fans are still laughing at.

1. Did someone say Carats?

When the group headed to Vietnam, Carats couldn’t resist greeting the group with a pun on their fandom name.

2. If you know, you know.

When Jeonghan and NCT 127‘s Johnny sported similar hairstyles, it caused a hilarious moment for EXO‘s Sehun that everyone was amused by.

3. Who’s lost a child?

Although DK and members of GFRIEND were celebrating their graduation from the School of Performing Arts (SOPA), the expression on the idol’s face always makes fans laugh.

4. The SEVENTEEN that could’ve been.

From hanging off the rafters to hitting a car with a baseball bat, there’s so much going on in a pre-debut teaser that no one even knows what’s happening.

5. Here’s what tall Woozi would look like.

One fan whipped out their editing skills to turn Woozi from the shortest member to the tallest.

Mingyu and Woozi.

6. Party in the front; hangover in the back.

After Jeonghan cut his hair short, stylists had to get creative with extensions.

7. ‘SEVENTEEN TV’ is the best kind of chaos.

The funny moments from their pre-debut show speaks for themselves.

8. Pretty sure that’s not what they’re saying, Weverse…

When Hoshi and Wonwoo had a conversation on Weverse, fans were in for a surprise when they checked out the hilariously wrong translations.


9. Cue the horror movie scene.

As if DK came straight out of a horror movie, the photo’s low quality combined with his serious facial expression is just as hilarious as it should be. In this case, S.Coups may not want to turn around.

10. The photo you can hear.

When thinking of a lookalike for Seungkwan, who would’ve thought a shoe would fit so perfectly?

11. Momma Bear Jeonghan to the rescue.

If any of the SEVENTEEN members need someone to protect them, Jeonghan is the one to go to.

12. The perfect face of tranquility.

While the show’s captions explained just how relaxing SEVENTEEN’s time in the Philippines was, Vernon had other ideas.

13. They only had one job.

While SEVENTEEN’s performance of “HIT” on The Ellen Show was indeed a hit, a choice in the captions for the lyrics left fans laughing.