8 Of SEVENTEEN’s Funniest Moments To Get You Through The Day

Having a bad day? These will definitely help.

SEVENTEEN are known for having a great sense of humour, constantly making their fans—and each other—laugh. Their antics can definitely make anyone feel better, so here’s a small selection of the funniest things SEVENTEEN has done, chosen by Carats.

1. The8 going through a haunted house completely unbothered.

This man really has no fear.

He even turned the tables and scared the actors instead!

2. Mingyu giving the fans a little too much information.

Hoshi was just explaining what goes down in their group chats, but Mingyu had something he wanted to add on.

| M2/YouTube

Are you sure that’s something you wanted to share with us, Mingyu?

| M2/YouTube

3. Jun’s questionable aegyo

He really wasn’t having it that day.

4. Joshua trying to be cool on stage…

… And dropping his microphone in the process.

5. Their matching Vernon phonecases

What are friends for if not to make fun of you?

6. Woozi being a master translator.

On an episode of KBSK-Rush, Woozi took it upon himself to translate Joshua’s English.


He really is multi-talented!


7. When they picked MONSTA X’s “Trespass” for karaoke

Everyone knows SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X are besties, so it’s no surprise that they scored 100/100 with this over-the-top performance.

8. And of course, them getting caught off guard by the neverending “Aju Nice”

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


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