7 Random Facts About SEVENTEEN’s Dance Prodigy Hoshi That Everyone Should Know

He’s ridiculously talented in so many ways.

Hoshi is the leader of SEVENTEEN‘s Performance Unit, and it’s easy to see why. This incredibly talented performer has helped to choreograph many of the group’s amazing dances, and it makes it even more impressive that he has 13 members to coordinate!

There’s no doubt that Hoshi is an amazing artist, and looks incredible performing both by himself and with SEVENTEEN. Even in a group as big as theirs, he still manages to stand out due to his skills! Whether you’re already a fan of this dance prodigy or just want to learn more about him, you should find these 7 facts about him interesting.

1. The meaning behind his stage name.

“Hoshi” actually has double meanings, depending on the language you’re using! In Japanese it means “star”, which definitely suits this charismatic dancer. In Korean, the word is short for “Horangi-ui Siseon” (호랑이의 시선), which means “a tiger’s gaze”. Given his intense performance expression (as well as his love for tigers), this also really suits the dancer! His real name, Kwon Soonyoung, can also be broken down into terms that together mean “lead gloriously” — a perfect title for the Performance Unit leader.

2. There were some complications with his birth.

Hoshi was a healthy size — almost 9 lbs — when he was born, and in fact, his head was quite large! Because of this, the doctors had to use a special device to help deliver him. During the procedure, he also actually broke one of his shoulders as well because he was so big. He suffers from frequent shoulder dislocations to this day from his powerful dancing, and that might be why!

3. He’s the reason SEVENTEEN’s dance videos are released at an unusual time.

Most SEVENTEEN fans know that Hoshi has a special catchphrase, “10:10”. This is due to how the angles of his eyes look like the hour and minute hands of a clock when they’re at this time! Since he’s the dance leader of the group, their choreography videos are released at 10:10 to honor him.

4. He was determined to be a performer.

When Hoshi was younger, he really looked up to and admired SHINee, and dreamed of becoming an idol as well. He worked hard to become a skilled dancer; he formed a dance crew at one point called Deep Blue, and also won first place at a dance competition in Namyangju, his hometown. This allowed him to enter a province-wide competition, where he was noticed by a Pledis Entertainment casting member and invited to join the company in 2011. Despite never being trained professionally as a dancer, he showed incredible promise!

5. The other members know to take him seriously.

Though Hoshi seems like a really fun, carefree, laid-back kind of person that’s easy to get along with, he doesn’t joke around when it comes to dancing! He’s in charge of teaching the other members choreographies, and he’s known for being very strict about it. In fact, some members have spoken up about being scared of him when he’s in teaching mode, even SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups! He’s the reason, though, that their dances look so perfect.

6. He’s not incredible at everything, though!

Because Hoshi’s dance skills are out of this world, it makes sense that he would have to be balanced by being not so great at other things. He’s notoriously bad with technology, such as being slow at typing and not knowing how to do proper internet searches, and he openly admits this. He once even broke the nickname rule in his own fan café and got demoted!

7. He has a famous relative.

Though they aren’t closely related, Hoshi is actually a distant cousin of SM Entertainment‘s superstar BoA! Apparently talent runs in their family.

Hopefully you learned something new about this incredible idol!