15+ Relatable Reactions To SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Stunning “Spider” MV

Basically, Carats aren’t okay.

As most Carats and many K-Pop fans should know by now, SEVENTEEN‘s performance unit leader Hoshi just released his first solo music video, “Spider”. As expected, the song and video are absolutely stunning, with the multi-talented idol proving just how incredible he is when it comes to singing and performing. The video is also quite sexy, which has a lot of Carats squealing for understandable reasons! Here are 15+ relatable reactions to this phenomenal music video.

1. This is basically everyone.

2. He knows exactly what he’s doing to us!

3. Genius Hoshi!

4. Even fellow SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan was left breathless!

5. Who else screamed at this part?

6. We’re all proud of this talented boy!!

7. It’s actually nearing 2 million views now!

8. No one nails dance breaks like the dance king!!

9. New Spiderman movie when?

10. All hail the supreme Hoshi 🙌

11. It’s truly a creative masterpiece.

12. It’s amazing to get to see every member’s individual style with solo releases like this!

13. Seeing the support from the other SEVENTEEN members is so endearing!

14. Even with all the sexiness, he’s still our cute Hoshi!

15. He’s owning the charts!!

16. Never forget his insane duality.

If you haven’t seen “Spider” yet, or want to watch it again, check it out below!