13 Times SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Proved He’s Just As Talented As Any Professional Choreographer

What a dancing king!

Frequently, K-Pop groups rely on outside choreographers to make the dances for their songs. That’s rarely the case for SEVENTEEN. Performance unit leader Hoshi is known to create or co-create most of the group’s choreographies, which is an astounding feat on it’s own, but it’s made even more impressive that the group has 13 members – and they are nearly always perfectly synced, despite differences in experience and skill levels.

Hoshi is a genius choreographer that deserves immense respect.  Here are 13 times he showed that he could be ranked just as high as any professional choreographer.

1. The time and commitment he put into perfecting the emotions for Don’t Wanna Cry

2. When he (and the rest of the performance unit) created the masterpiece that is the choreography for Lilili Yabbay

3. His control in his body rolls

4. When he broke gender norms in his choreography

5. When he did this cheeky little thrust

6. When even his goofy dances look amazing

7. When he explodes with power on stage

8. When he perfected a freestyle dance out of nowhere

9. When he looked and moved like a dancer even when casually modeling

10. His captivating facials in every performance he puts on

11. When he showed off his charisma and skills in a stunning mesh shirt that accentuated his movements

12. When he and DK made this genius, intricate dance for comeback promotions

13. The fact that he is the reason that SEVENTEEN is one of the most perfectly synced groups in the K-Pop industry