10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

10 of a countless number of reasons!

Continuing our ongoing series on each of the SEVENTEEN members as boyfriend material, next up we have Hoshi! This phenomenal performer and choreographer has so many talents that it’s overwhelming, but he’s also such a sweet and funny person, how could you not love him? Here are 10 of the countless reasons why he’s total boyfriend material.

1. He could give you the best wake-up calls with his sweet vocals!

2. So. Many. Food. Dates.

3. He looks like he would be so warm and cuddly!

4. He’s also just unbelievably adorable sometimes.

5. In these tasteful plaid looks, he seriously pulls off the handsome college boyfriend look!

6. You could be blessed with these bare-faced visuals on a regular basis.

7. These pictures should speak for themselves 👀

8. Even Woozi chose him to be the best boyfriend out of all the members 😂

9. With his incredible choreography skills, he could come up with so many dances to entertain you with.

10. No matter where you went together, it would be bound to be a good time!