10+ Times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Lived Up To His Nickname “Angel” By Taking Care Of His Members

Jeonghan’s love for SEVENTEEN is unquestionable.

While SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has the nickname “Angel” thanks to his ethereal beauty and for his birthday being on October 4th (10/04 –> 1004, which in Korean is pronounced Cheonsa, which means ‘angel’), there are many times where his mischievous side comes out, resulting in some of the funniest and most chaotic stories SEVENTEEN has to share. Despite his playful nature, though, there’s one more reason why Jeonghan’s “Angel” nickname fits him so well: Jeonghan absolutely adores SEVENTEEN and always takes care of them, even in the smallest ways.

Here are 10+ moments of Jeonghan being an angelic brother to the rest of SEVENTEEN.

1. The way Jun speaks about Jeonghan is proof of how much SEVENTEEN cherishes everything Jeonghan does for them.

2. He was willing to give up his shoes for Hoshi with zero hesitation.


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♬ Cruel Summer – char

3. Dino will forever be Jeonghan’s baby.

4. Jeonghan feeding his members is a neverending saga.


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♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

5. It might seem small, but Jeonghan lights up The8‘s day with his compliments.

6. Hoshi is Jeonghan’s child confirmed.


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7. Is there anything more familial than nagging your brother while simultaneously caring for him?

8. Wonwoo is Jeonghan’s treasure.


Jeonghan pampering wonu with lots of love 🥺🤎 #jeonghan #wonwoo #seventeen #kpopfyp #fyp

♬ Same dream, same mind, same night – SEVENTEEN

9. The smile on both Seungkwan and Jeonghan’s faces could melt anyone’s heart.

10. This is peak baby behavior from Mingyu, and Jeonghan responds with complete patience and love.


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♬ AAAAAAAA kura kura – bella 🙂

11. Jeonghan would be that parent who boasts about their kid everywhere they go.

12. The adoration and gratefulness SEVENTEEN have for Jeonghan are overflowing in their words.


Reason why you really can’t hate this man. 🥺 #seventeen #jeonghan

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