8 Random Facts About SEVENTEEN’s Angelic Jeonghan That Everyone Should Know

Did you know he didn’t plan on being an idol?

Jeonghan is the second oldest member of SEVENTEEN (in fact, he’s turning 25 in just over a week on October 4!), and is often described as the “mom” of the group.

He’s a member of the vocal unit, and is often one of the first members that new fans of SEVENTEEN notice due to his stunning visuals, especially back when he had long hair and rocked the androgynous look. Whether or not you’re already a fan of Jeonghan and SEVENTEEN, you’ll likely find the following 8 facts about him interesting!

1. The meaning of his name.

Jeonghan’s full name is Yoon Jeonghan, and he uses his real name as his stage name as well. His name can be broken down into two parts: “Jeong”, which means “clear”, and “Han”, which means “galaxy”. Together, his name has the beautiful meaning of “a clear galaxy”, so it’s no wonder that he decided to keep it as an idol!

2. His blood type.

Jeonghan’s blood type is type B. In Korean culture, some people believe that a person’s blood type can determine their personality! Type B personalities are said to enjoy life to the fullest and are very passionate about the people and hobbies they most value; however, they can be lazy when it comes to things they’re not passionate about.

3. His MBTI personality type.

Jeonghan’s MBTI type is ISFJ, or the Defender. The most common personality traits associated with this type are high levels of altruism, or being selfless in taking care of other people, and being generous and enthusiastic about the people and work they believe in. This matches his blood type personality pretty well, and he does seem to have these characteristics!

4. He didn’t want to be an idol.

Jeonghan never planned on becoming an idol when he was younger — it happened by chance! About 5 months into attending an acting institute with a friend that wanted to pursue musical acting, Jeonghan was actual street-casted at a subway station by a recruiter from Pledis Entertainment. He joined the company in 2013.

5. The meaning behind his nickname “Angel”.

While it sounds reasonable that he could’ve been given this nickname due to his angelic visuals, that’s not the whole reason! His birthday, October 4, can also be written as “1004”, which is pronounced “천사”, or “cheonsa”. This word also means “angel”!

6. He’s stronger than he looks.

Despite his pretty visuals and often sleepy sort of persona, Jeonghan hides surprising strength! In fact, he once won second place in an arm wrestling competition among the SEVENTEEN members.

7. His focus in high school wasn’t musical.

Jeonghan is the only member of SEVENTEEN who graduated from a regular high school rather than one for music. He even focused his studies in natural sciences!

8. He had a health issue that still impacts his dancing.

One time during SEVENTEEN’s promotions, Jeonghan had to take a break due to ongoing vertigo. Though he was able to rejoin later on, it still makes some movements, such as big jumps or turns, more difficult for him to perform.

Hopefully you learned a little more about this sweet visual king that will make you love him even more!

Source: YouTube