10 Short But Iconic Quotes From SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan That Prove Why He’s The Definition Of Chaotic

Try saying “Shingi Bangi Bboong Bboong Bangi” 10 times fast.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan often goes viral, whether because of his angelic visuals or hilarious storytelling, and these 10 short but iconic lines prove why he’s the definition of chaotic.

1. “Shingi Bangi Bboong Bboong Bangi.”

This phrase terrorized the idol community but in the best way possible.


singi banggi bboongbboong banggi is viral in s.korea bcs of k-carats👍 are u satisfied now, jeonghan? #jeonghan #yoonjeonghan #seventeen #svt #carat

♬ Rock with you – SEVENTEEN

2. “Pardon?”

Jeonghan could easily get away with anything with his “pardon?”

3. Quick Maths

He can do math fast, but there’s no guarantee he’ll get it right.

4. “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girl Boss.”

Why does this phrase suit him so perfectly?


I ALWAYS WANTED JEONGHAN TO SAY THIS YESS SLAY KING #seventeen #svt #kpop #jeonghan #세븐틴 #정한

♬ original sound – woozi


YOONZINO will always have a special place in SEVENTEEN and CARATs’ hearts.

6. Exposing SEVENTEEN’s Affection For Each Other

Leave it to Jeonghan to expose the other members, but thankfully this exposure is way more wholesome than it sounds.

7. “Turn left~”

Jeonghan can’t scream, which makes this song even better.


[TURN RIGHT!!! turn left~~] Omygod please Dokyeom is an angelll😇😇 but Jeonghan😂😂 #fyp #_a_t_t_a_ #fypage #fypシ #SEVENTEEN #turnright #turnleft #jeonghan #dokyeom #hoshi @SEVENTEEN


8. “You Fire.”

These words have no business being so adorable and hilarious at the same time, but then again, isn’t that reflective of who Jeonghan is?

9. A Clown Or A Dog?

Honestly, for non-English speakers, his mix-up of Pekingese and Pennywise is understandable, although one is super cute, and the other is terrifying.

10. “Dino, Nugu Aegi?”

Jeonghan hasn’t said this line in a while, but there’s no doubt that right before Dino turns 30, Jeonghan will ask him this question again.


DiNo nUgU AeGi???🤣💅 #kpop #Seventeen #세븐틴 #Dino #Jeonghan #fyp

♬ original sound – Hoshiiipurrrr 💅✨ – hoshiology 🐯🐹