10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

How can one person be so angelic?

Continuing on with the ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series, next in line is the group’s resident angel, the ethereal Jeonghan! Not only is he beautiful on the outside, but he is on the inside as well, and this list would be endless if we tried to include every reason. And so, here are ten ways that Jeonghan has proven that he’s total boyfriend material!

1. He basically always looks like the main love interest in a romance movie.

2. He could help you with your studies!

3. He would happily share his food with you.

4. Beach trips together would be absolutely magical.

5. He could help to bring out your inner child.

6. Going horseback riding together would be so much fun!

7. Just imagine being able to get close and cozy with this cutie.

8. He isn’t afraid to be a little goofy, which is so refreshing!

9. How could anyone resist being with someone this adorable?

10. You can’t argue with this montage!