10+ Candid Photos Of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua That Scream Boyfriend Material

He’s an absolute dream.

We all know that SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is full of talent, charm, kindness, and of course, boyfriend material! From his warm personality ad stunning visuals, Joshua has proven several times his perfect boyfriend material! Even when he’s caught off guard or not looking Joshua is stunning!

Here are 10+ candid photos of Joshua that scream boyfriend material!

1. Joshua is that artsy boyfriend you’ve always dreamed of

Want a touching song written about you? Don’t worry, Joshua can easily create the loveliest love song for you!

2. What’s he thinking about? Probably you!

No matter when or where you are, you can always catch Joshua daydreaming about you.

3. Nothing is cuter than a sleepy and cuddly Joshua

With a busy schedule…expect Joshua to take a lot of tiny naps throughout the day.

4. Nothing is better than a Joshua and ramen!

Ever get hungry in the middle of the night? Don’t worry! Joshua is always down for a yummy late-night meal!

5. You can always expect lovely surprises from him!

Imagine Joshua showing up at your door before a big date with a handful of gorgeous flowers!

6. Everyone wants a guy with a great sense of humor! Joshua can always find ways to make you laugh!

Having a bad day? Don’t stress! Joshua is a natural comedian and can always put a smile on your face!

7. Of course you can make Joshua laugh just as easily

Joshua putting a smile on your face is great, but let’s face it, putting a smile on Joshua’s face is even better! Nothing better than Joshua’s bright smile!

8. Going to an amusement park with him would be nothing but pure fun!



Going on all the rides and eating amusement park food with Joshua is the literal dream for Carats.

9. You already know you’re camera roll is going to be filled with goofy pictures of Joshua

Let’s be real, Joshua is gorgeous even when he’s caught off guard.

10. Catching him taking pictures of you!

Of course, Joshua will be taking just as many pictures of you as you are of him.

11. Expect to be serenaded by Shua a lot

Joshua will always impress you with his sweet vocals and incredible musical talent!

12. Of course there will be a lot of studio visits

Nothing better than supporting SEVENTEEN and all their hard work!

13. Again…lots of naps

He might need a lot of naps but it’s okay because he looks like an absolute angel even in his sleep.

14. “Surprise”

It’s no surprise that Joshua would go all out for your birthday!

15. This is just simply boyfriend material

Nothing says boyfriend material than a fuzzy sweater!

16. Imagine watching SEVENTEEN’s performances with Joshua

You can compliment him off and on screen!

17. Musical and academic genius!

Is there anything cuter than a book worm!