7 Random Facts About SEVENTEEN’s Handsome Vocalist Joshua That Everyone Should Know

What’s hiding behind his angelic face?

Joshua is one of the main English-speaking members of SEVENTEEN, known for his cool, calm personality and soothing singing voice. Well… At least for the most part! He definitely has his moments, too, just like the rest of the members of this fun and chaotic group.

Even in a group as big as SEVENTEEN, Joshua has definitely made a name for himself as a skilled singer in the Vocal Unit. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Joshua or just interested to learn more about this talented vocalist, hopefully you’ll learn something new about him from these 7 facts!

1. His name’s meaning.

Joshua has both an English name, Joshua Hong (having grown up in Los Angeles) as well as a Korean name, Hong Jisoo. Though he decided to go with “Joshua” for his stage name, his Korean name has a cool, appropriate meaning! “Ji” means “to know”, and “Soo” means “distinguished”. Considering how elegant and distinguished he is, this name definitely suits him.

2. He was cast for SEVENTEEN by chance.

While living in the United States, Joshua once attended an event in Koreatown, where he played his guitar. Already a talented singer and musician, an agent at Pledis Entertainment discovered him this way and ended up inviting him to join the company!

3. One member really helped him as a trainee.

When Joshua joined Pledis Entertainment in 2013, despite being Korean-American, he didn’t speak the language or know the culture very well. Because of this, he struggled for a time. Fortunately, SEVENTEEN’s other main English-speaking member, Vernon, helped him get comfortable and learn Korean. These days, they still speak English together so they don’t forget it! He’s also close with Jun,s ince they learned Korean together as well because Jun is from China.

4. He didn’t dream of becoming a singer.

Many idols know that they want to be a performer from a young age, but not Joshua! Rather than dreaming of being a singer, Joshua actually planned on running a business where he could use his knowledge of accounting. Talk about a multi-talented, intelligent guy!

5. He’s not just a calm and quiet guy.

Though a large portion of Joshua’s personality is that he is cool, calm, and collected, he definitely isn’t just that! He’s also known to be silly and playful, and even sometimes picks on the other SEVENTEEN members. Some of them have even voted him as the funniest member!

6. He and a fellow member have a unique, interesting hobby.

Joshua isn’t a big drinker, so he doesn’t enjoy beer or soju. However, he does enjoy wine, so lately, he and The8 actually have made a habit of getting together and enjoying wine with each other!

7. He and another member have very… Interesting nicknames.

Joshua and fellow member Jeonghan are known to be close in SEVENTEEN, since they’re close to the same age. However, together they’re known as “The Evil Twins” because they enjoy teasing the other members, and also because they have similar visuals!

Hopefully you learned something new and interesting about this handsome, talented guy!

Source: Doyouram