10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Jun Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

A boyfriend we’ll never have, but boyfriend material AF!

We’re getting close to the end of the SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series, since we had to make individual articles for each member because they all deserve the title! Today we’ll be focusing on Jun, who has been missed dearly during “Rock With You” promotions and fans can’t wait for him to return along with The8. Here are 10 reasons that this idol shows that he definitely fits the definition of boyfriend material!

1. If he takes care of his fellow members like this, imagine how he would treat the person he loves most!

2. Just spending a cozy night in together like this would be an absolute dream.

3. Any guy that likes cats and dogs this much is definitely a keeper!

4. He has a goofy side that’s totally irresistable.

5. You could take tons of super aesthetic pictures together.

6. He would serenade you with his beautiful musical abilities.

7. These kinds of photos make it so easy to imagine you’re the one behind the camera on these traveling adventures together!

8. When he smiles genuinely, it’s enough to make anyone’s heart flutter.

9. You would never get tired of taking pictures of this absolute model of a guy!

10. He would always find some way to entertain you.