Here Are 7 Movies SEVENTEEN Loves—And You Will Too

They have all the genres covered for your next binge-watch session.

After performing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, SEVENTEEN took their performance to another American television show: The Kelly Clarkson Show. Not only did the group perform their track “Left & Right”, but they also played a game of “Last Time I…” where they revealed which movies they loved to watch. Here are all seven that you’ll want to add to your list to binge-watch.

1. ‘The Notebook’

Jeonghan kicked off the recommendations with the classic romance starring famous actors Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling that never fails to tug on heartstrings. “Our members recommended ‘The Notebook’ to me.

When the group found out Jeonghan hadn’t seen it, they couldn’t let it slide. DK stated, “That’s iconic. It’s iconic.

What had made it so memorable to Jeonghan was how touching it was, “It’s one of the movies I thought was really amazing.S.Coups took the words right out of his mouth, “The emotions run high in it.

2. ‘The Truman Show’

Hoshi switched gears with, “I watched ‘The Truman Show.’” While Jim Carrey is known for his comedy roles, this movie is more thought-provoking.

He stars as Truman Burbank, a man who realizes that every moment of his life is being filmed by hidden cameras and used as a television show.

3. ‘Inception’

Keeping the serious vibe going, Jeonghan recommended the Christopher Nolan film starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Elliot Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt that follows a specialized group who can enter people’s dreams. “‘Inception’ was good too.

4. ‘The Matrix’

Hoshi didn’t want to miss the chance to name the trilogy that left him speechless. “And, ‘The Matrix.’ I watched the entire series, and wow.

The hit science-fiction series is set in the future, in a world where secret agents battle to save humanity from machines. It even has a fourth film on the way, originally slated for a 2021 release.

5. ‘Tenet’

Since they’d already mentioned Inception, DK couldn’t forget the most recent work of the filmmaker. “‘Tenet’ was recently released too. I haven’t seen it yet.

Mingyu was so happy to hear it brought up that he popped out of his seat and was then saddened by the fact that DK couldn’t share in his excitement.

He wasn’t completely alone. Vernon high-fived him, “I saw it. I saw it.” Mingyu then shared how much he was a fan of the filmmaker, “I really love Christopher Nolan.

6. ‘Coco’

For those who love a good animated movie—especially a Disney one—Jun enjoyed the Pixar tale following a young boy as he travels to the Land Of The Dead. Along the way, he learns about his family’s roots and why they had banned music. “A movie I recently watched was ‘Coco.’

7. ‘Lord Of The Rings’

For the last of SEVENTEEN’s beloved movies, Joshua mentioned another classic series. One with a massive cast of characters, epic adventures, and a world full of fantasy: “For me, ‘Lord Of The Rings.’ But the movie is really long.

While the other movies were of average length, S.Coups warned that this one would need a bit more time to enjoy. “The running time is probably the longest.

With a group as big as SEVENTEEN, it’s no surprise their tastes would cover a wide range of movies. Which one will you be checking out or rewatching first?