10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Main Vocalist DK Proved He Could Also Be Part Of The Performance Unit

This multi-talented man has so many wonderful skills!

Any fan of SEVENTEEN knows that DK has the voice of an angel, and more than deserves the title as one of the main vocalists of the group. However, his talents certainly don’t stop there! SEVENTEEN as a whole is known to have some of the most complex but also flawless dance performances in the industry, and even among members known for their dance skills such as those in the performance unit, DK still stands out as an incredible performer as well. Here are 10 times that this handsome multi-talented man proved he could make it in the performance unit too!

1. He (and Seungkwan!) were able to keep up incredibly well with SEVENTEEN’s choreographer and arguably best dancer, Hoshi, during the “Just Do It” era!

2. The amount of personality and energy he puts into his dancing is captivating to watch!

3. A professional dancer listed him very high on the list of SEVENTEEN’s best dancers, only after the performance unit and Woozi!

4. Just look how much he owned this solo dance for “Very Nice”!

5. Even when he and Seungkwan are just goofing around, he looks so fluid and elegant!

6. He can even dance flawlessly to girl group songs.

7. Any fancam can show off just how powerful and accurate he is, even when hitting his high notes!

8. He can pretty much keep up with Jun at learning a dance on the spot!

9. He already often appears in dance TikToks with members of the performance unit!

10. And finally, we can never forget when this happened.