SEVENTEEN Has The Most Massive “Visual Line” Of K-Pop With 8 Members

That’s more than half the group serving looks.

SEVENTEEN, best known for their impeccable teamwork, are also known for their wide variety of “visual members”. Carats refer to this “Visual Line” as the fascinating “VerMinWonJeongJoJunCoupKyeom” line and appreciate the abundance of beauty! Here are the 8 members that make up SEVENTEEN’s solid visual spectrum.


1. Vernon

Vernon has a unique face, being Korean/American of French Descent. His looks have been viral since years ago, when he was first introduced to Koreans as the mini-Leonardo DiCaprio.


2. Mingyu

Mingyu has what is widely considered a “handsome” face. He has the physical booster too, towering at 6’1″ (187cm). He is gorgeous enough that even manga-like hair colors can’t interfere with all the good looks being served!


3. Wonwoo

Wonwoo charms Carats with his signature “cold” beauty. From his translucent and flawless skin, to his million-dollar masculine jawline, Wonwoo is a rare kind of dapper in the K-Pop scene.


4. Jeonghan

Jeonghan is well known for his Prince Charming visual. Especially in his blonde hair, Jeonghan can be mesmerizing. His animation-like facial features always leave Carats convinced that he’s straight out of some fairy tale!


5. Joshua

Joshua is not your average pretty boy. He has a duality that Carats die for! Going from soft puppy looks to fierce sexy vibes, Joshua boasts an unrivaled beauty that is multi-sided.


6. Jun

Something about Jun will make any Carat feel super squishy with all the love. His deep-set, wide eyes will pierce right through the fans’ hearts! He’s like a baby kitten – soft, precious, and UWU.


7. S.Coups

S.Coups has an unforgettable face that often is mistaken for a biracial one. One of his best features includes his long and beautiful eyelashes! No Carat can survive S.Coups’s wink – or a smile – or any gesture at all, really. He’s out to slay everyone.


8. DK

DK‘s dashing looks are often overlooked by his vibrant personality. Combined with his bright energy, DK’s boy-next-door type cool-and-cute appearance is held near and dear in many Carat hearts!

Source: Nate Pann