SEVENTEEN’s Members Are Looking Extra “HOT” In These 30 Gorgeous HD Pictures From Their Recent “Inkigayo” Performance

Their stylists wanted all the sparkle!

SEVENTEEN has recently been promoting their new repackaged album, SECTOR 17, and the title track “_World” on Korean music shows. And as always, their visuals are absolutely stunning.

Here’s a look at 30 HD pictures taken from a recent performance of “_World” on Inkigayo that showcase just how handsome the members of SEVENTEEN are!

1. S.Coups

2. Jeonghan

3. Joshua

4. Jun

5. Hoshi

6. Wonwoo

7. Woozi

8. DK

9. Mingyu

10. The8

11. Seungkwan

12. Vernon

13. Dino

14. More!