Each SEVENTEEN Member Reveals What No Other Member Can Beat Them At

Thirteen members means everyone has something they’re the best at.

One of SEVENTEEN‘s strengths is the fact that they have thirteen members. They’re able to take everyone’s different personalities and talents to create a group that has it all. Because of this, each member has something they’re better at than the rest. For Japanese magazine ANAN, they revealed what those skills were:

1. S.Coups — Leadership

While it may come as no surprise that leader S.Coups chose leadership as his best quality, he’s reached the level of understanding where it’s not just about leading.

Before, I used to be the type of person who made others follow, but now I’m the one to follow along. I try to listen to everyone’s opinions.

2. Jeonghan — Pranks

On stage, Jeonghan blows Carats away with his charisma and intense gaze. Off stage, he’s the complete opposite. Having fun with all of the jokes he plays.

If it’s among the members…I guess I’m number one in pulling pranks and being mischievous.

3. Joshua — Cleaning

Since everyone has different habits, like putting off cleaning or knocking it out as soon as possible, Joshua is part of the latter. Cleaning is something he takes pride in, thinking himself the member who’s best at keeping up with it.

I love cleanliness! My room is always clean.

4. Jun — Cooking

Even though everyone knows Mingyu is the group’s head chef, Jun is coming for his crown. He’s been taking an interest in cooking and working on his skills.

Recently, I bought a special pot online to make hotpot. I haven’t cooked for my members yet, though. I just cook and eat by myself.

5. Hoshi — Energy And Piercings

Although Hoshi is rather calm in his daily life, he taps into his extroverted side when on stage, making him the ultimate energizer. On the flip side, he pointed out also having the most piercings out of everyone.

Energy at concerts! The source of my energy is, of course, Carats… I have the hightest number of ear piercings. Two in my left ear, and one in my right ear.

6. Wonwoo — Learning

When it comes to gaining knowledge, Wonwoo doesn’t let anything stop him. He uses any method necessary to learn whatever he can. That thirst for knowledge is his best skill.

Reading books to acquire knowledge, like learning a foreign language. Always trying to keep yourself sharp without neglecting anything; it’s the mindset to learn something. Like now, I’m studying video editing.

7. Woozi — Sleeping

Since the members chose skills that were specific to them, Woozi didn’t go astray. With confidence, he named himself as being the best at sleeping. It’s not just about regular sleeping, either.

I am confident in this. I usually sleep very well, and I can sleep as long as I want.

8. The8 — Fashion

If you’ve seen The8‘s many photos of his daily outfits and styling, he’s definitely the group’s trendsetter. Even photos of his art are tasteful.

It’s embarssaing to say so myself, but I think my artistic sense is the best.

9. Mingyu — Socializing

At first, Mingyu playfully joked that no other member could beat his visuals. Taking it seriously, he pointed out how well he’s able to comfortably communicate with stargers.

Just kidding. I’m good at approaching and getting along with strangers immediately.

10. DK — Long Toes

Leave it up to DK to bring the funniness. Out of all the members, his toes are the longest. For now, though, Carats won’t be able to see it for themselves.

My feet are big, but the toes are especially really long. I don’t have a chance to show it right now, though.

11. Seungkwan — Love

Seungkwan kept his simple:

My love for SEVENTEEN is second to no other members!

12. Vernon — Optimism

As the most laid-back out of the members, Vernon is skilled as staying optimistic even in the face of stress.

Normally, I’m able to shake off stress quickly… I have an optimistic mindset.

13. Dino — Persistence

Although he’s the youngest, Dino can maintain his fiery determination, especially when he feels ready to let it go.

When I feel like I’m at my limit, I say, ‘I’m not like this.’ There is no bigger feeling of achievement than when you beat yourself when you’re about to give up!

Source: Twitter