Each SEVENTEEN Member’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Mingyu loves his mint chocolate.

During SEVENTEEN‘s Q&A through AskAnythingChat, a fan asked the group to name their favorite ice cream flavors. Although Jun and The8 couldn’t give their number one picks, here are all the other members’ favorite flavors for you to check out.

The8 and Jun eating ice cream.

1. Mingyu — Mint Chocolate

Mingyu chose the popular yet hotly debated flavor of mint chocolate.

2. Wonwoo — Coffee

Wonwoo selected a flavor for people who love the strong taste of coffee.

3. Vernon — Chocolate

Vernon might have a few flavors that he switches between but “generally like[s] chocolate.

4. DK — Dark Chocolate

Like Vernon, DK liked chocolate but liked the rich flavor of dark chocolate best.

5. Jeonghan — Mint Chocolate or Strawberry

Jeonghan couldn’t settle for just one flavor, choosing mint chocolate and strawberry’s sweet yet sour taste.

6. Hoshi — Yogurt Flavors

Hoshi didn’t have a particular flavor he liked most but only because he liked all the “refreshing” yogurt ones.

7. Woozi — Vanilla

Keeping it classic, Woozi enjoyed “the simple taste of vanilla.

8. Joshua — Strawberry Cheesecake

While the other members chose traditional flavors, Joshua preferred the fusion of strawberry cheesecake.

9. Dino — Chocolate

Like Vernon, the maknae (youngest member), Dino couldn’t resist chocolate.

10. S.Coups — Fruit Flavors (Cherry)

In the same boat as Hoshi, S.Coups narrowed down his favorite type to “fruit flavors” before choosing cherry as his top pick.

11. Seungkwan — Cookies And Cream

Seungkwan made the members laugh by rejecting all fruit flavors and choosing the classic cookies and cream.

Did your favorite ice cream flavor make it into the group’s many favorites?


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