10+ Times That Prove Everyone Is On The “SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Is A Puppy” Agenda

The more you look, the more you’ll realize how similar Mingyu is to a puppy.

It’s common in K-Pop for idols to have representative animals, and while some look exactly like their animal counterparts, others are the human embodiment of their animals. Thanks to his energetic and loving personality, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is often compared to a puppy. These 13 moments prove that everyone, whether it’s his members, CARATs, or Mingyu himself, are all for the “Mingyu is a puppy” agenda.

1. Fansign Puppy Ears

CARATs often bring puppy ears as a gift for Mingyu at fansigns, and he always looks adorable in them.

2. A Clumsy Puppy

Part of Mingyu’s endearing charm is his clumsiness.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Resident Maltese

Mingyu’s puppy-like personality has been broadcasted to everyone on national TV multiple times.

4. Wolf Dog Or Tiny Puppy?

While Mingyu’s appearance is chic and handsome, his personality is soft and cute.

5. “Cheers” TikTok Challenge

Mingyu can turn a hype song into an adorable meme.

6. Head Pets

Playing with Mingyu’s hair is how SEVENTEEN refill their energy.


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♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE – Upside Down) – JVKE

7. Golden Retriever Vibes

While he’s often associated with Malteses, Mingyu’s giant physique and endless energy more closely resemble a Golden Retriever.

8. Floppy Ears

It’s hard to spot the difference between these two hyper dogs.

9. We Love Supportive Besties

There’s no doubt that in SEVENTEEN’s eyes, Mingyu is the most precious being ever.

10. Mingyu Copying Puppies

The resemblance is uncanny.

11. SEVENTEEN Are All On Board The Puppy Agenda

No one can argue that Mingyu isn’t the personification of a puppy.


mingyu puppy🥺🐶 #caratland #seventeen

♬ Love Maybe Secret Number – NIKO

12. Instant Serotonin Booster

His tiny giggles easily make CARATs smile.

13. The Second Cutest Hand Pose of Woozi’s After Wooahae.

Mingyu and Woozi’s dynamic will always melt CARATs’ hearts.