SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Joshua Are A Crazy Hot Duo At The “MARNI” Fashion Show, And We Can’t Get Enough Of Them In These 10 Shots

Mingyu made us melt in #5.

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and Mingyu just attended an event together and fans were in for a treat! The two K-Pop idols made a memorable appearance at the MARNI Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Show on February 1.

They graced the Tokyo fashion scene with their jaw-dropping visuals. These fan-taken and brand-uploaded photos and videos show why they were the stars of the night.

Check them out below!

1. When they had a front row view to the show

First up, Joshua and Mingyu looked cool even while just sitting down.

2. When they lit up the room

Together, they’re an explosive visual duo that we want to see more of!

Mingyu and Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter

3. When they took more behind the scenes videos

They were also handsome up close in this Vogue Korea Instagram update.

4. When Joshua was the focus of the camera

Joshua kept proving that he’s photogenic under any circumstance.

5. When Mingyu was a certified visual

Mingyu never needs to use filters to look good.

6. When they stood out no matter what

They were both easy to spot even in the background.

7. When Joshua’s skin was flawless

As one CARAT accurately commented, Joshua’s face card is so strong, it never declines.

8. When they were pictured together

It was almost impossible to look away from them both.

| @NumeroTOKYO/Twitter

9. When Mingyu was captivating

Cameras kept turning to Mingyu and we totally understand why.

10. When they were interviewed

Finally, the SEVENTEEN members were charismatic the entire night!