SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Is A Multitalented King, Proving To Be A Master At These 15 Things

Mingyu is a man blessed by the heavens.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is famous for being an all-rounder idol and for having jaw-dropping visuals balanced out by a caring and clumsy personality. Besides this, Mingyu has a slew of other attributes and talents that could guarantee success in many different career paths had he chosen something other than the idol life. With so many skills under his belt, it’s only fair that he’s been balanced out with chronic clumsiness and terrible luck. However, those two flaws only add to Mingyu’s endearing allure. Here’s a list of fifteen things Mingyu is masterful at, proving that he is the definition of multitalented.

1. Rapping

Mingyu is part of SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop team, and there’s a reason why he’s been dubbed the “rap god” by his fellow members.

2. Singing

Mingyu has a raspy yet soft voice, radiating an aura of warmth befitting his sunny disposition.


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♬ original sound – 17caratshining

3. Dancing

Since he’s in SEVENTEEN, it’s a given that Mingyu has mastered dancing, and his visuals have an even stronger impact when he’s on stage.


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♬ Call Call Call! – SEVENTEEN


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♬ light a flame x fast pace – 𝙅𝙤𝙨𝙝𝙪𝙖

4. Playing Guitar

Besides being able to fill any position in an idol group, Mingyu is also gifted with instruments.


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♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Kim9yu – Gyu

5. Photography

Not only is he mesmerizing in front of the camera, but Mingyu is also an amazing photographer himself. He loves taking pictures of his members and even directed, edited, and photographed SEVENTEEN’s “GOING” magazine.


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6. Videography

If the magazine shoot wasn’t enough proof of Mingyu’s skill with the camera, the ending credits of SEVENTEEN’s song “Snap Shoot” is completely filled with his name. It seems he can fill every job on set, from director to stylist to videographer to model.


the art and the artist #seventeen #mingyu #snapshoot #snapshootseventeen #carat #kpopedit

♬ gustav mixes x jd money remix – jd

7. Cooking

Cooking is one of Minyu’s more widely known talents, and it’s even more impressive once you realize that he probably cooks for thirteen people on a regular basis.

8. Cross-stitching

Not a talent you’d expect most people, let alone an idol, to have.

9. Drawing

No matter what form of art, Mingyu can do it all, even being a work of art himself.


when the artist and his art are both attractive #mingyu #seventeen

♬ swim –

10. Handyman

If there’s ever an apocalypse, Mingyu will definitely survive.

11. He’s In Charge Of SEVENTEEN’s Shared Brain Cell

There’s nothing more attractive than intelligence unless it’s someone who’s been blessed with beauty, brawn, and brains (aka Mingyu).

12. Athlete

Despite his clumsiness, Mingyu is an ace at all sports.

13. Not-So-Hidden Strength

Along with being athletic, Mingyu is one of the strongest members in SEVENTEEN, able to carry another person easily — or even multiple.


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♬ sonido original – 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨.


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♬ original sound – Ms.Fangirlll👸🏻 – Ms.Fangirlll👸🏻

14. Race Car Driver

One of Mingyu’s future dreams is to be a race car driver, and he’s already got his foot in the door.

15. Taking Care Of People

While it may not seem to be a talent, taking care of others takes continual dedication, love, and effort.


guess his love language #mingyu #seventeen

♬ original sound – eissakyeom – eissakyeom