10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

How could anyone not swoon over this giant cutie?

Any Carat could tell you that all of the members of SEVENTEEN are boyfriend material in their own right for different reasons. Today, however, the focus will be on the gorgeous giant and rap king of the group, Mingyu! There’s far more to him than just his (very) handsome face, although that certainly is a bonus. Here are 10 (of countless) times he’s proved that he’s total boyfriend material!

1. It’s easy to imagine all the cute and fun food dates you would go on!

2. He could be your very own personal photographer, and you could take all kinds of artsy photos together.

3. If you decided to eat in instead of going out, he would totally spoil you with his cooking!

4. Imagine all the fun trips you would go on together!

5. He basically always looks like a model without even trying.

6. Even a simple stroll through the park would never be boring with this man.

7. He would always take care of you and keep you safe.

8. He would be so cozy to cuddle with.

9. He would shower you with affection every chance that he gets!

10. There are just countless reasons that could be added to this list!