15 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Wonwoo Put Their Cat-And-Dog Relationship On Full Display

Bitter and sweet, cat and dog, Mingyu and Wonwoo.

Within SEVENTEEN, Mingyu and Wonwoo are known as the Cat-Dog unit due to their personalities matching the animals and the dynamic between them. The two share a true brotherhood, but with how close SEVENTEEN is as a whole and having grown up together for years, it’s no surprise that their friendship runs so deep. No matter the interaction, Mingyu and Wonwoo always leave Carats smiling.

Like any relationship that goes years back, butting heads and teasing each other is a must, and Mingyu and Wonwoo don’t hold back.

1. Don’t Touch Me

It’s the classic tsundere act of a cat.

2. I Don’t Wanna Run

The puppy still has a lot of energy, but the cat just wants to sleep.


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3. No Hesitation

How to end someone with one word.

4. Wait Your Turn

When the cat wants to pick a fight.


These two bickering again😂 #wonwoo #mingyu #minwon

♬ Ready to love – SEVENTEEN

5. What Are You Looking At?

When the dog wants to pick a fight.

6. Tsundere Kitty

When the dog is too clingy and you secretly like it but can’t show it.


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7. When A Cat Tries To Be A Dog

Wonwoo’s tiny dancing next to Mingyu’s airplane arms is everything.

8. How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?

The unspoken understanding makes you wonder how many times Wonwoo’s hit Mingyu for this one reason.


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9. Too Much Energy

Second-hand embarrassment causes Wonwoo to scold in tiny font.

10. You’re Done, You’re Done

In Minghao‘s words,I know you’re handsome, but you don’t have to show it.”


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♬ Rock with you – SEVENTEEN

But even with all their teasing, the two are constantly taking care of each other.

11. Wonwoo’s Bodyguard

Though Wonwoo is strong and tall, standing next to Mingyu makes him look tiny, evoking the need to protect.

12. Who’s Older

Mingyu constantly takes care of Wonwoo, fixing his clothes as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s times like this when we forget who’s the older of the two.


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13. Sunshine Protector

Wonwoo protects Mingyu in his own way, always making sure that a bright smile stays on Mingyu’s face.

14. Mingyu’s Lawyer

Wonwoo isn’t always teasing Mingyu; sometimes, he’s the only one defending him.


it’s really heartwarming when wonwoo defends mingyu 🥺💚💜#mingyu #wonwoo #seventeen #minwon

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So, all in all, the dynamic between this dog and cat is a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet, and a lot of cuteness and love.

15. At The End Of The Day

They always put a smile on each other’s faces.


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