SEVENTEEN’s Passport Photos Are Making Everyone Soft

Many of the members have grown up so much.

When a SEVENTEEN fan went to take photos at a studio, the lucky Carat received an unexpected surprise. They spotted passport photos of the SEVENTEEN members. Here are seven of the photos that have resurfaced and are making fans gush over how young and cute they were.

Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

1. Vernon

Though Vernon is known for being a charismatic and handsome rapper, the photo shows how boyishly cute he was with simple brown hair.

Vernon | @80spuoc_S/Twitter

2. Dino

As the youngest member of the group, Dino looked the part, showing just how young he was when they’d first debuted.

Dino | @80spuoc_S/Twitter

3. Woozi

Just from Woozi’s two-tone pink hair, fans could instantly see how much he’s grown from an adorable boy into the mature man he is today.

Woozi | @80spuoc_S/Twitter

4. Jeonghan

Proving he’s indeed handsome, Jeonghan impressed fans by making a passport photo look so good—even when he was younger.

Jeonghan | @80spuoc_S/Twitter

5. Wonwoo

Taking everyone down memory lane, Wonwoo’s hairstyle amused fans because of how long ago it was and reminded them of a famous meme where a dog wears a similar hairstyle.

| @80spuoc_S/Twitter

6-7. The8 and Jun

Like Jeonghan, Jun left fans impressed by how much his visuals shined in the photo. And like Dino, seeing The8 look so young had everyone gushing over how adorable he looked.

The8 and Jun. | @80spuoc_S/Twitter