SEVENTEEN Pick Their Best Songs You Should Add To Your SEVENTEEN Playlist

Such bops.

During an interview with Young Hollywood at KCON LA 2019, SEVENTEEN members shared their favorite tracks from their past album. Be sure to add these tracks to your playlist today!


1. Seungkwan’s Pick

There is something about that song that triggers a sense of nostalgia whenever summer comes around.

— Seungkwan

Seungkwan picked “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day” as his favorite song from the group’s previous albums. Like he mentioned, this one is a perfect easy-listening track for the summer days.


2. Dino’s Pick

I think this song does a good job at showing SEVENTEEN’s powerful yet sexy side.

— Dino

Dino picked “Getting Closer” as his favorite track. Being one of SEVENTEEN’s more charismatic concepts, this song and its music video enchanted Carats with the members’ sensual sides uncovered.


3. Jeonghan’s Pick

I love the warmth and the embracing energy that this track gives off.

— Jeonghan

For Jeonghan, SEVENTEEN vocal team’s “Hug” really stuck with him. As he described, this particular track has a significant warmth to it that will make the listeners feel comforted, embraced, and loved – exactly like the power of a hug!