These 15 Pre-Debut Videos Of SEVENTEEN Are Proof That They’ve Been Chaotic Ever Since The Beginning

For better or worse, the legendary green room will never be forgotten.

SEVENTEEN have achieved so much since their debut days, going through many trials and victories and developing a familial bond with one another. Thanks to their close relationship, SEVENTEEN can be completely honest in front of the camera, resulting in the most chaotic interactions ever to grace the internet. And these 15 moments are proof that SEVENTEEN have been a source of laughter since their pre-debut days.

1. A Unique Welcome Ceremony

SEVENTEEN don’t put up any pretenses when it comes to first impressions.

2. Wonwoo Versus Woozi

It’s rare to see such an energetic Wonwoo willing to risk it all just to tease Woozi.


wonwoo want woozi to be a good boy 😂 #woozi #wonwoo #seventeen #caratちゃん #fyp #kpopfyp

♬ original sound – Annyeong potteepottee-yaa 💎 – J 🌚 W 🌚 W

3. Seungkwan Was Ready To Fight

Pre-debut Seungkwan was ready to fight anyone, including baby Dino.

4. A Shaky Start

SEVENTEEN are known as the synchronization kings, but it wasn’t always that easy.


PREDEBUT SEVENTEEN IS SO FUNNY #seventeen #hoshi #wonwoo #dk #mingyu #kpopfyp


5. The Guitar Incident

Guitars can be used as an instrument for music or an instrument for pain.

6. Two-teen

English is all about confidence, so can we consider DK fluent?


Reply to @divine.joi predebut seventeen is really something else #seventeen #carat #세븐틴 #seungkwan #dk #joshua #kpopfyp

♬ Rock with you – SEVENTEEN

7. Radish Pulling Game

When winning matters more than being twisted in all directions.

8. Invisible Chair

Jun doesn’t need to say a word to cause CARATs to burst into laughter.


juns just so effortlessly funny #jun #seventeen #pledis_17 #svt #dino #joshua #predebutseventeen

♬ original sound – boochan enthusiast

9. A White Christmas Indeed

The absolute chaos of this Christmas play video is too surreal.

10. SEVENTEEN And “Attack On Titan” Crossover

Not a crossover anyone was expecting, but one everyone can approve of.


i knew i stanned the right group #seventeen

♬ Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (Attack on Titan) – NateWantsToBattle

11. Avatar

Can we make this into official GOING SEVENTEEN content, please?

12. Flying Kicks Are Normal

Sometimes, we wonder if SEVENTEEN were training to be idols or martial artists.


why is Woozi standing there like 🧍🏻#kpop#kpopfyp#kpoptiktok#seventeen#seventeen17_official#carat#caratさんと繋がりたい#foryou#fypシ

♬ original sound – 🫶🏽💎

13. Self Censorship

Wonwoo doesn’t even need to turn around to hit Hoshi accurately.

14. This Soccer Mishap

Woozi is so wrong for laughing that hard, but it makes the video 100x funnier.


pre debut svt was a MESS #fyp #SEVENTEEN

♬ original sound – Jishoo – Jishoo

15. Joshua Mixtape When?

The most relatable rap ever.