10+ Recent And Random Facts About SEVENTEEN That Will Make You Fall For Them Even More

Seungkwan did what?

One of the most popular topics to ask K-Pop idols nowadays is their “TMI,” a small or random fact about themselves that they would not usually share in an interview.

Each member of SEVENTEEN revealed one such thing about themselves to MTV News. Check out their answers below!


1. S.Coups

First up, S.Coups was happy to talk about his camping hobby and the new items he bought to enjoy it even more.

I purchased a lot of camping gear recently. Just camping gear: a rocket stove. A wood burning stove for fire.

— S.Coups

2. Jeonghan

Most of us can probably relate to Jeonghan’s morning mishap with his alarm.

One thing about me is that I was supposed to set my alarm in the morning but I set one in the afternoon instead. So my alarm didn’t go off and I was almost late today.

— Jeonghan

3. Joshua

Joshua was happy to tune in CARATS on the show he is currently watching.

One thing to know about me [is] I started watching Snowpiercer, the Netflix series. So [I’m] having a lot of fun with that these days.

— Joshua

Netflix‘s Snowpiercer is an American post-apocalyptic thriller that spans three seasons. It follows the struggles of the remnants of humanity holed up in a single train.

4. Jun

As for Jun, eating chicken from China was something that recently made his day.

Is the fact that I had Huang Men Ji too much information? There’s this Chinese dish called Huang Men Ji, it’s a dish of braised chicken. I had that today.

— Jun

A version of Huang Men Ji

5. Hoshi

Hoshi’s answer perfectly fit the randomness that TMI segments are known for.

One thing to know about me is…I think it’s time for me to clip my nails.

— Hoshi

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo explained that his outfit for the interview was not for show. As Seungkwan and S.Coups confirmed, his glasses were “not just for fashion” but served a purpose to correct his vision.

One thing about me is that these are prescription glasses. I can’t see without them.

— Wonwoo

7. Woozi

Woozi’s fact about himself was a sad one—he was not able to watch the last episode of the series he was binging.

We were in Japan recently and Netflix services have different content abroad. So I came back without being able to finish the series I started. I didn’t know I can’t stream it in Korea.

— Woozi

8. The8

The8’s confession seemed to come straight out of a crime documentary. “Splatters of blood” drip down his body every time he showers because of his bright red hair.

Ever since I dyed my hair, every time I shower, there’s blood everywhere. It always looks like there’s blood all over me.

— The8

9. Mingyu

For Mingyu, his menu of choice is something he takes seriously.

I recently purchased a blender to grind chicken.

— Mingyu

10. DK

DK had a very straightforward answer: “I have at least 13 moles on my body.” 

11. Seungkwan

Seungkwan’s admission made Mingyu say, “This is really too much information.” The former was happy to watch his fellow member dance with someone else.

Last night I went to sleep proudly watching a clip of Dino doing a dance challenge with a TXT member.

— Seungkwan

The video in question was Dino and Yeonjun‘s “HOT Challenge” which was posted on SEVENTEEN’s TikTok account.


너무 HOT한 거 아냐?! #DINO with #YEONJUN @txt.bighitent #TXT #SEVENTEEN #HOT #SVT_HOT


12. Vernon

Vernon, meanwhile, is a big fan of American rapper Kendrick Lamar. He likes streaming the latter’s fifth album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (2022), which became a critical hit upon release.

One thing to know about me is that I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar’s new album.

— Vernon

13. Dino

Last but certainly not the least, maknae Dino has become an avid reader. He’s “been reading e-books lately” and enjoying it!

Check out the full video below to learn more about SEVENTEEN.

Source: YouTube