SEVENTEEN Released Their Tracklist For “Face The Sun”, And The Credits Prove They’re Self-Producing Kings

Woozi and other members are credited numerous times!

Earlier today, SEVENTEEN released the tracklist for their upcoming album, Face the Sun, set to come out on May 27! The album is going to include nine songs total, including their pre-release English track “Darl+ing”. Unsurprisingly, given that SEVENTEEN is a self-producing group, several of the members have been credited in the creation of the songs on the album! Here’s a look at each song from the tracklist, and who was credited for each one.

1. “Darling”

“Darl+ing” is the first track on the album! Woozi took part in writing the lyrics along with Bumzu and Shannon, and he also was credited in the composing along with Bumzu and MonoTree.

2. “Hot”

The second song on the album, called “Hot”, is the title track! Many people participated in the lyrics and composition of this song, including Woozi. Others who helped with the songwriting are Bumzu, Dan August Rigo, and Ploypaworawan Praison, and those credited with composing are Bumzu, Tim Tan, Dan August Rigo, Ploypaworawan Praison, SOFTSERVEBOY, and Alex Keem.

3. “Don Quixote”

The third song on the album is titled “Don Quixote”, and once again, Woozi took part in both the lyrics and the composition of the song! Wonwoo also participated in the songwriting portion of the track along with Bumzu, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, and Melanie Joy Fontana. The other composers are Bumzu, Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, Melanie Joy Fontana, and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz.

4. “March”

“March”, the fourth track on the album, only had three people credited in its creation! Woozi helped with the lyrics along with Bumzu and PRISMFILTER, while the latter two are credited in composition and arrangement.

5. “Domino”

“Domino” is the fifth track on the album, and the second song with two SEVENTEEN members credited in its creation! Woozi, of course, helped with the lyrics and composition, while Mingyu is also credited in the lyrics. The other songwriters for the song are Bumzu, Sara Davis, Cameron Walker, and Jordan Witzigreuter, and the other composers are the same.

6. “Shadow”

“Shadow” is the sixth song on Face the Sun, and one of only two songs where two SEVENTEEN members participated in both the lyrics and composition! Those members are Woozi and Dino. Bumzu also is credited in the lyrics, and the other composers are Bumzu, Johan Fransson, Ryan Lawrie, Matt Thomson, Max Lynedoch Graham, and Gabriel Brandes.

7. “‘Bout You”

The seventh song on the album is “‘Bout You”, and it has the exact same credits that “March” did with Woozi, Bumzu, and PRISMFILTER!

8. “If You Leave Me”

The second-to-last song on Face the Sun is “If You Leave Me”, and along with Bumzu, three SEVENTEEN members were credited in the lyrics: Woozi, S.Coups, and Hoshi! Woozi, Bumzu, and PRISMFILTER were all also credited in the composition.

9. “Ash”

Finally, the final song on the album is “Ash”, which features lyrics created by Woozi, Vernon, Bumzu, and Robb Roy. The four of them also participated in composing the song, along with Nick Lee and Kyan Palmer.

Check out the full tracklist for Face the Sun below!