SEVENTEEN Reveal Their Top 5 Music Videos And Why Each One Is Special To Them

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MTV NEWS tweeted, in celebration of the countdown starting for SEVENTEEN‘s new song “Fear” about to drop, an interview the group did at KCON LA 2019. In this interview, SEVENTEEN members discussed their top 5 music videos and shared what makes their content unique and worth watching!


1. “Clap”

The video itself, we just love the effects and the whole video is a pretty dope video.

— Vernon

The song is catchy so it’s easy for our fans to follow and sing along. And the music video captures a cool storyline and some of our special sides, so I personally like it a lot.

— Dino

And we’re known for being self-producing idols. I think this particular music video will show you what that means. Our identity is pretty clear in this one.

— S.Coups


2. “Adore U”

This is our debut song, so it was our first time shooting a music video. It has a lot of graphics and visual effects worked in, so it’s unique.

— Mingyu

And that being our first music video ever, we really had a lot of passion and energy going into it. You’d be able to see that in this MV.

— DK


3. “Oh My!”

Well, this music video is based around the keyword ‘Dream’. So there’s a side of storytelling worked into the video. It’s a fantasy-filled one.

— Seungkwan

I think the song is perfect for summer!

— Hoshi

There’s a part in which the members are having a pillow fight. The ambiance was captured really nicely in the video.

— Jun


4. “Home”

This song in general kind of warms my heart. Visually speaking, the backdrop was beautiful too.

— The8

I’d recommend watching it when you’re feeling a bit exhausted and need a pick me up. The warmth in this video will surely make you feel right at home.

— S.Coups


5. “HIT”

What’s there to say? Just give it a watch.

— Hoshi

I believe this music video best captures SEVENTEEN’s energy.

— Woozi

The choreo is really like dynamic, so it’s really really intense… [It increased] our endurance in general.

— Joshua

Source: Twitter